7 Pcs Kit Two Color Polyhedral Beautiful Dices D4 D6 D8 D10x2 D12 D20 Digital 20 Sided Set for Table Games DND Board Gaming TRPG

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Product Description


Feature: dice for MTG

Feature: dices for MTG

Category: Digital Dice

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Model Number: very beautiful dice

Origin: Mainland China

is_customized: No

Type: DICE

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Name: Dragon and Dungeon Game Dice Board Game Dices Set
Material: Two color chameleon
Price Description: The price of a set of 7 dice
Specifications: 20 sides, 12 sides, 2 pieces on 10 sides, 1 piece on 8 sides, 6 sides, and 4 sides each
Weight: Seven pieces per set (30g)

4 sides: Diagonal diameter of dice: 22mm; height of dice: 16mm (usage: look at the number at the top)
6-sided: Dice opposite side diameter: 16 millimeters, numbers on each side: 1 to 6
8-sided: diameter of the opposite side of the dice: 16 millimeters (face-to-face distance between 1 and 8), numbers on each side: 1 to 8
10-sideds: diameter on opposite sides: 16 millimeters, tip to tip diameter: 21.5 millimeters, numbers on each face: 0 to 9
12-sided: diameter on opposite sides: 18 millimeters (distance between faces) Number on each face: 1 to 12
20-sided: opposite diameter: 20 mm (distance between faces) Diagonal diameter: 23 mm

Comments on this dice:
This is a new font two color set of digital dice with chameleon powder added. The dice will change color with different lighting conditions.

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