10x5mm Round N35 Strong Magnet Super Powerful Magnetic Magnets Fridge Imán Electroiman Iman Powerful Neodymium Magneat Magnesium

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Application: Industrial Magnet

Type: Permanent

With Holes: No

Shape: Bar

Composite: NdFeB Magnet

Certification: CE

Maximum magnetic energy product: 1.18-1.3(KJ/m3)

Material grade: N33-N52

density: 7.5(g/cm3)

working temperature: 80-220(℃)

Curie temperature: 80(℃)

Coercivity: 920(KA/m)

remanence: 1.5(T)

1: magnet

2: imanes de neodimio

3: neodymium magnet

4: imanes

5: aimant puissant

6: imans magneticos

7: magneet

8: fridge magnet

9: magnete

10: magnetic

11: aimants

12: magnetic balls

13: neodimio

14: fridge magnet



1. The NdFeB strong magnetic field is sliced by the machine, so the actual size of the product will have errors. It is required that the buyer who needs more can contact the customer service to inquire about the actual measurement size, and the factory is generally negative tolerance.

The round A * B (A is the diameter, B is the thickness) magnetic pole is a large round surface not on the side, and the rectangular A * B * C (A is the length, B is the width, and C is the height) magnetic pole is two on the AXB surface, with the unit of mm (mm). It is necessary to have a concept of size. The diameter of a dollar coin is 25 mm, the thickness is 2 mm, and the diameter of a nickel coin is 20 mm, the thickness is 2 mm. Different pictures are taken at different angles. Different pictures are taken at different angles. The display size is different from the actual size. Baby title has the size. Please see the size clearly

2. The NdFeB strong magnet is sintered from rare earth, which is fragile and is afraid of collision, so it should be noted when separating and using it. When attracting, do not let the magnet directly absorb when there is still a little distance (it should be slowly moved and put on). After separating the magnet, do not let the magnet directly absorb when there is still a little distance, which may cause fragmentation and corner drop. When separating, it is difficult to separate when pulling vertically, and it needs to be moved horizontally from left to right to rub and slide off. Do not collide directly to avoid personal injury caused by debris.


3. The size of the magnetic force is proportional to the size of the magnet. The larger the size, the stronger the magnetic force. The small thin magnetic force is certainly not as strong as the large thick magnetic force.


4. Nickel plating is easy to be oxidized due to its strong magnetism. Do not contact with water. Do not store it in a humid or corrosive environment. It is easy to rust.


5. The temperature resistance of the strong magnets sold in this store is within 80 degrees , and should not be stored in a high temperature environment


6. Bank cards, mobile phones and other products that will become invalid or damaged due to magnetic field should not be stored together with or near the strong magnetic field.


7. The strong magnetic field is strong and small in size. Do not let children touch it. Please store it in a place where children cannot touch it to prevent children from being pinched or swallowed.

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