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Recommend Age: 18+

Recommend Age: 14+y

Origin: Mainland China

Warning: NO

Certification: CE

Certification: Europe certified (CE)

Theme: Animals & Nature

Theme: Transportation

Theme: Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Theme: Occupations

Theme: Sports

Theme: Music

Pokémon Conquest: Ultimate
Creator: Alan of Aaron
Source: Conquest
Update date: July 15, 2023
Language: English
 Poké mon Conquest: Ultimate Edition is an NDS ROM Hack game developed by Aaron's Aron based on the English version of Pok é mon Conquest. The last update date is July 15, 2023.
About the game:
Welcome to Pok é mon Conquest: Ultimate! It took over a year to complete this mod for Pok é mon Conquest and completely revamped the game from scratch, making it the largest Pok é mon Conquest mod to date!
 It has 150 new Pok é mon that have fully evolved since the 9th generation (including regional forms!), 50 returning Pok é mon, and has rid itself of LC and NFE Pok é mon that are completely useless after the first 1.5% of the game. This has more than doubled the number of fully evolved Pok é mon  available for use!
 The list has also been balanced to ensure that all types have equal representativeness, from Pok é mon themselves (and some type changes to fill previously unused type combinations, such as Bug/Dragon Flygon!) to the actions they use.
 All content, including actions (including nearly 100 new actions!), abilities, warrior skills, Pok é mon statistics, etc., has been completely rebalanced to make the game more fair, fun, and strategic.
 Having 200 fully evolved Pok é mon and 200 warriors, each warrior now has a unique perfect link. In addition, each warlord now has a special Pok é mon to collaborate with, such as Sun Yi and Shaymin Skyy or Ninja and Chi Yu.
 Heroes can "choose" their initiators at the beginning of "The Legend of Chaos", as they have now evolved from all seven Ibs.
 By using various methods, the difficulty has been greatly increased, so I wouldn't be surprised if you lose the battle all the way!
 With the emergence of more tools and development, the battlefield and the rest of the game have been updated and will continue to be updated!
 The in-game text has been updated to the 9th generation standard, providing players with more information.
★Completely rebalanced roster!
Gone are the days when the original Conquest had a million super fire-type users and only two flying-type users! The roster has been completely remade from the ground up, with each type equally represented and a fairly even number of Pokémon using each type of move. Obviously, some types are still better than others (thanks GameFreak!), but at least in Ultimate there are plenty of options for each type. Additionally, there are no "duplicate" Pokémon in Ultimate Edition, as no two Pokémon share the same type combination and move type. The types of eight Pokémon have been changed to fill in unused type combinations such as Bug/Dragon Flygon, Ghost/Rock Cursola, and Normal/Steel Dubwool. Weaker Pokémon (such as Beedrill) have had their BST increased to make them at least usable, while all moves and abilities have been completely rebalanced to be more fair and fun. This allows every Pokémon to stand out, no matter how powerful it is. Each Pokémon also has its own abilities picked from the ground up, resulting in better flavor and balance, and whenever possible has its signature move, such as Hockey Ball Valein, or at least a move commonly associated with it, such as Meteor crush giant gold or flamethrow Charizard.
★200 fully evolved Pokémon – no LC or NFE Pokémon!
The rebalanced roster features 200 fully evolved Pokémon, giving you more than twice as many options to conquer as the original! In the original game, LC and NFE Pokémon were only relevant and useful in the first half of Tales of the Lost World, the first of 38 stories, less than 2% of the entire game! It's a big waste to use over half of the slots on Pokémon that are relevant to less than 2% of the game, so all of those LC and NFE Pokémon are now replaced by other fully evolved Pokémon. You will be using and fighting fully evolved Pokémon from the start, all 37 post-game the story has been changed so that enemies are using fully evolved Pokémon from the start, which also makes the story more difficult.
★150 new Pokémon – including up to Generation 9!
The 200 fully evolved Pokémon are more than twice as many as in the original Conquest, so obviously those new fully evolved Pokémon have to come from somewhere! From Generation 1 all the way to Generation 9, 150 new Pokémon were added (including regional forms), while 50 Pokémon returned from the original game. Play with new Pokémon such as Alolan Raichu, Starfish, Clevo, Heracross, Mamoswine, Blelum, Roslade, Toterra, Tetradon, Sijivan, and Ironsword En, Fire Ninja, Noiwen, Decidueye, Como-o, Centiskorch, Dragapult, Ceruledge, Gholdengo and more! Play with returning Pokémon like Crobat, Weavile, Metagross, Spiritomb, Haxorus, and more!
★Each fighter has a unique perfect link!
In the original Conquest, Conkeldurr had a perfect connection with the five warriors! five! This is no longer a problem in Ultimate because there are 200 Pokémon and 200 fighters, so each fighter has a unique perfect link! Of course, you're welcome to use other Pokémon as well, as each fighter now has a 70% maximum link with every Pokémon that matches their type's expertise, allowing each fighter to team up with over 35 Pokémon. Hopefully this will bring more choice and variety to players! Each fighter has a max link of 0% with all other Pokémon that don't match their type's expertise, so entrusting your warriors to find new partners should be more useful in Ultimate Edition since they can't bond with a bunch of Pokémon with lower max links Link.
★ Every warlord will collaborate with the "special" Pok é mon!
In Vanilla Conquest, nine warlords have ten legendary or mythological Pok é mon. In the ultimate version, each warlord has their own special Pok é mon! Collaborating with Kailu Dior, with Jianbao, with Guangxiu, with Galari Zapdos, with Yoshihiro, with Big Fang, and so on! All these special Pok é mon can be found in the stories of fellow warlords after Chaos, so find them and become one of the most powerful and rare Pok é mon!
★ Choose your first release!
The hero began the "Legend of Chaos" with the evolution of all seven Ibs! After the first tutorial battle, you can access the information screen and switch to any Pok é mon you like to play stories with. Technically speaking, you can freely switch to different Eevesolutions throughout the entire story, but I strongly recommend using one Pok é mon throughout the entire story, otherwise its link percentage will quickly fall behind. Moreover, it is interesting to persist in using a single launcher to grow and establish connections with it!
★ The difficulty has greatly increased!
For the best gaming experience and maximum difficulty, it is strongly recommended that you play the game without any items. The items in the ultimate version have been completely rebalanced, so if you still want to use them, you are welcome to do so. Compared to Vanilla Conquest, they should be more fair (although some are still too powerful, unfortunately there is no way to balance them). However, Gone with the Wind has already achieved balance without using any items, which can be very difficult but still fair if you don't use any items.
★ Rebalance and more strategic warrior skills!
In addition to the Pok é mon, moves, abilities, items, and almost all other content mentioned earlier, warrior skills have also been thoroughly modified and rebalanced. In the original Conquest, most skills will last for three rounds, which makes them very boring to use, let alone very powerful. The battle will begin, and you will spend one or two rounds moving towards the opponent's army. Once the actual battle begins, you will spam all three turn warrior skills, always gaining benefits, and the battle ends. In the ultimate version, the power levels of all warrior skills have been redesigned, but more importantly, most warrior skills now only last for one turn. This makes deciding when to use it a more interesting decision. Do you use it to ensure that you take it off before you die? But perhaps obtaining suboptimal use and value from it? Or would you wait for the best time to use it and gain maximum value, but risk death and not use it? Do you really need something specific in a given turn? Perhaps it's time to use it now! I hope this will bring more interesting and strategic gameplay, rather than simply sending spam emails to all players at the beginning of the battle, and a more balanced gaming experience.
  Updated the battlefield!
Do you dislike playing on Illusio or Valora? In the ultimate version, this has become the past (or is about to become the future, haha)! Some great Pok é mon Conquer mod creators have started working on map editing and are making new progress and developments every day. With the emergence of new or improved maps, they will be added to Ultimate to continuously improve the gaming experience!
  The in-game text has been updated to provide a better user experience!
  The move and skill names have been updated to the 9th generation standard, such as "Composite Eye" ->"Composite Eye". All text descriptions have been updated to provide players with more information, such as the number of rounds the effect lasts, while maintaining the ambiguity of Pok é mon by not providing an exact percentage.
Current limitations
  Compared to the main Pok é mon game or more popular spin off games such as the Dungeon series, the Pok é mon Conquest mod is still in its relatively early stages. We do not have the same tools available, which can lead to some unfortunate situations where things cannot be changed exactly as we want. However, development has been ongoing, and as progress progresses, I will continue to update the game to address these issues. Meanwhile, none of these issues have disrupted the game, it can still run normally and be fully playable!
  The generation of wild Pok é mon can only be partially edited. This can lead to a problem where if a location is at level 1 or 2, many Pok é mon will not be generated. For example, if Aurora's farm or canyon is located at level 1, only Cyclizar will be generated. I set each wild Pok é mon position to level 3 from the beginning, so that all correct Pok é mon can lay eggs, but this means there is no need to upgrade these specific positions anymore.
  In the second tutorial battle (the first time after Oichi joined your army), Wild Kingdra spawned out of bounds because it was a hard coded tutorial battle and the game did not expect to load a level 3 farm (due to the spawning issue I mentioned earlier with Wild Pok é mon, I had to do this). Kingdra is unable to interact with it, which makes it impossible to win this battle, but this is not a big problem because you can immediately escape from the battle and the game will continue as usual.
  Hideyoshi was hardcoded to be generated along with any content in the Monferno slot during the Viperina War in the "Gone with the Wind" legend. At present, the percentage of links between Pok é mon and Pok é mon generated by him cannot be modified. That's why Hideyoshi randomly selected a lower level Guruk in that battle.
  In Gone with the Wind, Nickrom fell into chaos, with only five enemies in the kingdom. I currently don't know what caused this problem or how to solve it. If you want a fair battle, just bring five warriors yourself!The final "Boss" battle in Gone with the Wind (if you've never played it before, I don't want to destroy it!) is also hard coded. Like any Pok é mon in the original Pok é mon slot, warlords will appear in the original Pok é mon and their link percentages cannot be modified. If this battle seems a bit worn out for you, that's the reason!
 Some (such as non players) ♂/ ♀ The maximum value for a perfect link is 99%, not 100%. There is an error, if a warrior or Pok é mon has more perfect links than the ones assigned in the original Conquest, the game will repeat the perfect link message every time the operation is executed, which is very annoying and makes playing the game uninteresting.
 Like all games before the 6th generation, Pok é mon has shorter character limits for its name, moves, abilities, and more. Some newer Pok é mon and moves have longer character limits than the 5th generation, so they must be shortened, such as Meowscarada ->Meowscrada and First Impression ->1st Impression.
 Actions can be edited well, although they cannot be fully customized yet. Ability is almost impossible to edit.
 There are still some Pok é mon that we don't have yet, so I replaced them with Munchlax. Unlike all other limitations, this is not a limitation of the current module's functionality, but a limitation that requires people to create sprites! I can't add something that doesn't exist! If you want to create battle sprites for any Pok é mon we currently don't have, or if you think you can improve any existing sprites, please feel free to send them to me at any time, and I am happy to add them to the game!




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